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Intramural 2010/2011



Melissa Pierce

 Our 2010-2011 Division consists of games that are 5 players versus 5 players including a goalie. During the spring season our games on Sundays and there are no practices during the week.  For the fall season, there is usually a practice during the week and most of the games are on Saturdays.  At this level, our focus is teaching the children field positions, throw ins, corner and six yard kicks, passing, and dribbling the ball.  


Division                   U8

Birth year                2010 & 2011

Players on Field      5 VS 5

Size of Teams          9 Max

Length of Games    4 quarters - 12 minutes each

Goalie                       No

Ball Size                    3

Practices Until         End of September

Offsides                    Cherry Picking

Head Balls                no

Select Team             Will play as U9 with a goalie

Field Size                  75'x105'

Net Size                     4'x6'