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Intramural 2008/2009

2008 & 2009 COORDINATOR

Scott Smith

   Our 2008 & 2009 Division consists of games that are 7 players versus 7 players including a goalie. During the spring season our games on Sundays and there are no manditory practices during the week.  For the fall season, there is usually a practice during the week and most of the games are on Saturdays or Sundays.  Also for the fall, we have been able to team up with a couple of the other smaller clubs in the area to create an Inter-Community League for this Division.  This has been a great way for our players to get exposure to other teams in the area without being considered a travel team!  At this level, we take the basic training from the younger divisions and build our players skills.  At this age we also teach the meaning of off-sides and our games are split into two 25 minute halves. 


Birth year                  2008 & 2009

Players on Field        7 VS 7

Size of Teams             14 max

Length of Games        Two Halves 25 minutes each

Goalie                          Yes

Ball Size                        4

Practices Until             End of September/Beginning October

Offsides                         Yes

Head Balls                     No

Select Team                  Yes

Field Size                       90'X141"

Net Size                         6.5'x18'