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Intramural 2014


2014 Coordinator:

Lisa Johnstonbaugh

Based on feedback from the Spring and Fall Registration in 2016, HHSC is pleased to offer an Intramural division for 2014 birth year for the Spring and Fall Season of 2017.  The Fall Season will include the 2015 birth year also. This division will consist of approximately eight teams and games will be played on Sundays in the spring and Saturdays in the fall. There will not be mandatory practices during the week. Each game begins with a 20 minute instructional practice, followed by a game consisting of two ten minute halves.

Birth year                      2014

Players on Field           3 VS 3

Size of Teams              7 Max

Length of Games         20 mins Practice - 2 10 minute halves

Goalie                            No

Ball Size                         3

Offsides                         No

Head Balls                     No

Select Team                  No

Field Size                    60'X90'