Frequently Asked Questions

The following are FAQs designed to help parents and players have a more successful soccer season with HHSC.  Please contact any Board Member (see the “Board Members” link on the Home Page of the website) or other club official - age group coordinator, coach or referee - for additional information.


  1. Why do Volunteers receive a partial refund?

Like most youth sports organizations, HHSC is run by parent volunteers who make all the programs possible.  We encourage all parents to participate in some way – Coach/Assistant Coach, Team Parent, Special Event Volunteer, etc.  Those who do volunteer give a great deal to the club and the kids, and get a lot of satisfaction in return. To encourage participation, we give a partial registration fee refund to our volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer but aren’t sure in what role, please ask a Board Member or another volunteer. There’s always something you can do to help the Club!


  1. I don’t know a great deal about soccer but am interested in helping with a team.  Is there a role for me?

Absolutely!  Soccer is a very easy sport to learn.  There are a few fundamental laws of the game that can easily be taught but the most important thing is that you enjoy interacting with kids (and their parents!).  Starting as a Coach or Assistant Coach of a U-6 team is a great way to break in. If you have an older player, spending a season or two as an Assistant Coach will give you all the tools you need to Coach a team.


  1. My child(ren) played last season and liked the coach.  Can they have the same coach this year?

HHSC makes every effort to form teams at all age levels that are balanced by age distribution, boy/girl ratio and skill levels.  This ensures that the season is fun, yet competitive for all players. In that regard, we do everything we can to avoid “stacking” a team with all strong players.  Coach requests will be considered as long as the overall make-up of teams remains competitive, but such requests cannot be guaranteed.


  1. My child(ren) wants to play on a team with a friend.  Can this be accommodated?

Requests for a player to be teamed with another player will be considered and accommodated whenever possible.  However, there will be times when it is not in the best interest of the program or team to do so for many of the reasons stated in the answer to Question #3.  Kids bond very quickly in a team sports environment and they will soon identify with their team and form new friendships.


  1. My child is small/big for their age or is unskilled/highly skilled versus other players.  Can they play up/down with a different age group?

Generally, teams are kept “age pure,” meaning the pre-determined age cut-offs for each division are maintained.  This ensures a competitive environment for all players. All teams will consist of physically smaller or bigger players and more or less skilled players but the overall goal is to have balanced teams.  More highly skilled players can “teach” lesser skilled players certain aspects of the game by observing and modeling those skills.


  1. This is my child’s first time playing soccer on a team.  What will they need?

There is basic gear that all soccer players should have: properly fitting shin guards and soccer (not baseball) cleats are most important.  Mouth guards are optional but are recommended for goal keepers (ages U-8 and older). Basic soccer gear can be purchased at most sporting good stores (Dick’s, Sports Authority, Modells) or K-mart/WalMart.  The club provides team shirts (spring soccer) and team shirts, shorts and socks (fall soccer). Players in the spring soccer program should wear black/dark shorts or sweat pants in cold weather and black socks.  Game ball sizes are: Size #3 for U-6 and U-8 teams, Size #4 for U-10 and 5th & 6th grade Intramural teams and Size #5 for U-13Travel & 7th – 9th grade Intramural and older teams.


  1. How do I know when practices/games will begin?

There are links in the Parent’s Info section of this web site for Spring and Fall Intramural Soccer that provide an overview of each program, including key season dates and other important information.  Please open the link appropriate to the upcoming soccer season. Practice and game schedules will be provided by your team coach before the start of each season. Note: Intramural teams generally do not hold separate practices during the spring season to avoid conflicts with other spring sports.  Fall team practices normally begin in mid August. Team Coaches will set up their own practices schedules and will communicate this information to parents.


  1. Where will my child(ren) have practice and play their soccer games?

HHSC utilizes the Keith Valley Middle School in Horsham, PA as its primary “home” field.  All Intramural and home Travel games are played at the KV soccer fields. Directions to the school and a field map can be found under the “Directions” link of this web site.  Teams can also practice at the KV Middle School or make use of the Pennypack Elementary School in Hatboro, in accordance with the Field Allocation schedule provided to coaches.